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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Know Nothing Party

The vicious screeds emanating from the right about Jill Carroll's first interview upon her release are a fitting reminder about the total lack of compassion from these moral arbiters of right and wrong.

Carroll, still wearing an abaya and other Muslim dress -- and speaking from the office of a Sunni political party -- declared he captors treated her well and never threatened to harm her. That's all the moral-less minority needed, jumping on her as another Patty Hearst, as someone who identifies with and defends her captors.

Ignoring one obviously glaring problem -- Carroll committed no crimes in captivity unlike Hearst -- would the reaction on the right be the same if the person released was an evangelical in Iraq to spread the word of Christianity? Or is the right so blind as to see all reporters as one evil profession.

Howie Kurtz, often accused by some as a tool of the right, rises justifiably to her defense -- and her erstwhile employer, The Christian Science Monitor, reported the tape, a condition of her release, was made with machine guns trained on her.

There was a reason a movement based on intolerance (ironically, toward Catholics and all to appropriately anti-immigrant) was called The Know Nothing Party. Alas, they are back. But hopefully, the will have the same fate as their predecessor.


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