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Monday, April 17, 2006

Make mine decaf

Tom Reilly and Kerry Healey are at loggerheads over where their kids went to school (his went public, hers private). Obvious issue in a state that spends millions on public education.

What's unusual about the story in today's Globe is the ludicrously overheated rhetoric, triggered by Healey's assertion that private schools provide her children with better "values" than they can get in Beverly (well, they did consider Pride's Crossing a "blighted area")

That produced this retort from Reilly, who takes pride in the fact he's a renter in Watertown.

''She's completely out of touch with the lives of regular people," he said in an interview with the Globe. ''Somehow the perception is that the kids in public schools are not learning the values that they should be learning. . . .Public schools reinforced the values of our home -- hard work and respect for differences, teamwork. It was a wonderful experience and certainly they came out of public schools with even stronger values."
Far comment though a bit over the top, this early, in his quest to nail down the "regular people" vote.

But Reilly was positive sanguine compared to Healey flak Tim O'Brien, who went ballistic, calling the AG:

''an old, tired politician who believes his mean-spirited attacks are going to help him get his edge back in this election. . . .There are thousands of parents across the Commonwealth who make these decisions, and he's attacking every single one of them who decides to make a choice with their child's education."
Dial down the rhetoric folks. If not, next thing you know one of them will be leading the bombers over Tehran.


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