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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rush to judgment

Interesting choice of a charge that Rush Limbaugh copped to: fraud.

The mouth of the hate-filled right -- the one who railed against drug dealers and drug users struck a deal with prosecutors (using the same high-priced defense lawyer who represented William Kennedy Smith) -- copped a plea to avoid jail time for being a drug addict.

Of course in today's America, when you are white, have money and are hooked on pain meds like OxyContin, you have a different set of rules than when you are black, poor and hooked on crack.

And when you are privileged, you get to do probation and have the charges dropped if you promise to be good. And you get to keep your job.

No word yet if Tony Snow will serve as a fill-in for that sentence. Snow is doing harder time actually -- almost three years.


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