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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Same old song and dance

Some idle thoughts prior to Kerry "Sherry Murph" Healey's annointment as Republican gubernatorial nominee.

Dysfunctional is a word that springs to mind in describing the Massachusetts version of the Grand Old Party. It's only reinforced by Healey's every woman for herself campaign philosophy.

The saddest thing is the song is the same one that has been played for two decades. Party chairs going back to Andrew Natsios and Ray Shamie promised that the party was on its way to building at the grassroots and a revival was just around the corner.

So where is the GOP today, under the direction of the business partner of Healey's husband? A lot worse off than when Mitt Romney promised to put Republican seats in the Legislature's chairs -- before actually losing ground.

Healey tops a ticket that includes Reed Hillman as lieutenant governor and who else? Unknowns vie for the right to be Ted Kennedy's sacrificial lamb. No names have their hats in the race for auditor and attorney general (an OPEN attorney general's seat, no less). Healey didn't even know about the last-second recruit for treasurer and Billy Galvin gets a free pass for another term as secretary of state,

The party's only lifeline is the remarkable 16-year hold on the Corner Office, a feat made all the more remarkable by the revolving door used by Weld, Cellucci and Romney to get out if there.

That said, Healey has a better-than-decent chance at making it 20 years. Why? Because she's running against a Democrat, a party that manages to duplicate its national persona at the local level. You know: refuse to take a stand, savage each other instead of the opposition.

Enjoy your day in the sun Massachusetts GOP. Unlike the old British Empire, the sun is heading below the horizon


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