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Saturday, April 15, 2006

You sure he's not a Democrat?

George Bush's mule-like stubbornness in refusing to concede that maybe, possibly someone else might have a correct and valid opinion is once again on display with his last-man standing defense of Donald Rumsfeld.

And his timing might have been better, given the evidence emerging that our know-it-all defense secretary may have indeed known about the interrogations taking placed at Guantanamo Bay that have been described as somewhat more than abuse but less than torture (now there's a standard to be proud of).

The proliferation of generals speaking out against Rumsfeld is astounding. The military is the last bastion of reverence to chain of command, to following orders at all costs. It is especially true in terms of the military pledging obedience to the civilian commanders to avoid the possibility of being accused of staging a coup. (Forget the fact the Bushies and their ilk pulled off a bloodless coup in 2000).

And while it gets tiresome to apply the word hypocritical to these incompetents, it's hard to ignore the fact that a commander-in-chief who went AWOL from the National Guard and a vice president who had better things to do than serve are now lecturing the generals.

Bananas anyone?


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