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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just go away, please

Memo to Mitt: Go away before you do anything else that shows how totally clueless you are about life in the state you profess to govern.

The baseless pandering (or is that pandering to the base) involved in his flip-flop decision to kill, then spare the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth is reflective of how out-of-touch he is on day-to-day functions of his state.

The pathetic second-day efforts by his Loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman (thanks Ben, please come back!) to make it into an issue about cross-dressing, highlights the bottom line remains unchanged: Massachusetts is a foil for Mitt's presidential ambitions.

The charge to the commission to not spend its money on the parade is specious because it does not contribute to it. But what can you expect from a governor who fires a lesbian department head because her agency did not do a job that it had no responsibility for?

Worst news for Mitt about this episode: It ain't working yet. He's trailing in Utah!


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