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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wrong direction

All the impeachment talk bubbling just below the surface is actually misdirected. As become clear with each passing day, the real person who has abused the Constitution is our #2.

It's never been a secret that Darth Cheney exerts an undo amount of influence in this administration -- from putting himself in the #2 spot to being the man on the ground and in charge on 9-11 to the secret commissions and so on ad naseum. W. has been his tool for much of the past five years.

The only reason to belabor the obvious this time is two stories appearing today that reinforce the depth of Darth's controls: the latest Scooter Libby evidence dump (do you really believe he thought Niger was a junket?) as well as the latest on the NSA's decision to spy on average American citizens.

The saddest thing is the outrage fatigue that has settled in on this country, coupled with the venal incompetence of Congress, prevents any significant steps to address the rape of the Constitution perpetrated by this "moral" administration.


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