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Friday, June 30, 2006

Income tax rollback?

Here's a sobering report for anyone who advocates rolling back the state income tax to 5 percent.

Demagogues (make that Republicans) are quick to say people are overtaxed. The trillion-dollar giveaway efforts by congressional Republicans out to eliminate the "death tax" are the prime example.

These same folks are also quick to find ways to spend money -- often off budget -- to hide the true state of affairs. Billions in fraud and trillions in debt will haunt our children and grandchildren as a result.

We already face a national disaster of tremendous proportions by the GOP bankruptcy policies. We don't need to compound them in Massachusetts.

I've always opposed the idea of balancing the state budget on the backs of public employees who (for the most part) earn less money than they can in the private sector. So, I've been opposed to the idea of raising the health insurance co-pay.

No more. This report lays out a scary future. Everyone needs to make a contribution. That means no income tax rollback and taking some of the suggestions mentioned in the story -- like higher co-pays and a trust fund for pension liabilities.

Not as sexy as banning flag burning or gay marriage. But far more important.


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