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Friday, June 30, 2006

Independence Day, Part 2

Am I too cynical about the ability of Congress to rise about its hyper-partisanship and try to govern a nation it has helped to divide?

I don't think so.

Not content to rail against the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal for printing a story about a "secret" organization with its own website, the House voted to condemn the media for exercising its 1st Amendment right.

In one of the better ironies for this humor-challenged body, the vote came the same day the Supreme Court handed down its Guantanamo Bay ruling and the day before the 35th anniversary of another historic ruling that challenged the assertions of a lawless administration.

In keeping with the "my way or the highway" approach of the GOP, this "debate" did not even allow for amendments from Democrats. So was the purpose of the vote to express honest outrage -- or set up yet another straw man issue (gay marriages, flag-burning) for a do-nothing Congress to try to run on.

I report. You decide.


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