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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Part-time gover(nor)

Since we don't pay his salary, we should be happy to pay the cost of his new job search. That's the essence of Mitt Romney's argument in defense of his use of state troopers to "protect" him while he auditions for a new job. Voters of America, be afraid, be very afraid.

Our gallivanting CEO, the Globe tells us, has made 45 trips to 20 states in the not-quite first six months of this year. He has spent 33 full weekdays and part of 18 other weekdays on the road. That's more than six weeks of vacation time and more than three weeks of partial days in less than six months. Anyone else have benefits like that?

Of course it doesn't necessarily include trips to his vacation homes in New Hampshire and Utah. Good thing he doesn't take a salary: otherwise we'd have to fire him. Oops, we can't. He quit.

Here are a couple of good perspectives:
"The people of Massachusetts are essentially funding his presidential campaign, whether they like it or not," said Mary Boyle, Common Cause's press secretary in its Washington, D.C., headquarters.
And then there's this one from Michael Dukakis, who was maligned for his presidential aspirations while governor by the same media that now virtually ignores Romney.
"I never traveled with a trooper ... It always seemed to me that the troopers should be out catching criminals, not holding my coat."
Or arresting illegal immigrants.

Next time Mitt leaves, do we have to let him back in? At least we should check his papers.


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