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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The cost of war

Happy Fiscal New Year -- at least in Massachusetts.

The start of a new spending cycle seems a good time to ask the question: does anyone really know the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan? We have somewhat of a handle on the number of American and "coalition" lives lost. We know in overall terms about the loss of American values and the standing of America on the world stage -- the squandering of the 9-11 capital.

But what about hard and fast dollar totals? There are varying estimates from the left, the reputable media and the administration. But is there a central place to find out how much has been spent since 2001 on war materiel, salaries and reconstruction aid? Here's one effort -- notice how much attention it received?

And is there anyone reporting on how we are spending our children's and grandchildren's future in the desert sands to rebuild a nation we destroyed -- even if they don't really us there?

Or how eliminating the "death tax" will only make matters worse?

I kind of thought so.


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