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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A new flower from the Turd Blossom

See, it's the media's fault for the corrosive nature of American politics today.

Karl Rove, the creator of the divisive strategy of appealing to the hard right Christian base by demeaning and defaming the opposition which has shredded the nation to an historical level, took time out from his busy schedule to analyze our malaise.

Guess what? It's not his fault. It's that darned liberal media.

I'd be one of the first to agree that the media can sometimes get too hung up on strategy and the scent of power. Been there. Done that. But for the meanest strategist to blight this land since Lee Atwater to look in the mirror and see only the media may suggest he really is undead.

The litany of Turd Blossom's evil deeds is far to long to list here -- and if you're reading this you probably know it cold.

Perhaps more interesting, maybe others are too? While Ohio will once again be a battleground in the Christian Right's push to putsch, there are also interesting signs that some sanity may be on the horizon -- before we have our own religious-based civil war.


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