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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh what a tangled web we weave....

The latest orgy of violence in the Middle East is the Bush administration's "policy" coming home to roost.

Short of friends in the region because of an obtuse policy that presumed to impose democracy where none has ever really thrived, the United States now must stand back and watch the flames erupt. And has anyone noticed that things are not getting better in Baghdad?

A few facts, as far as I can discern them. Hezbollah, which runs southern Lebanon with the help of Iraq and Syria, has been provoking Israel, first with kidnappings, then with missiles. Standard tactics of Islamic militants.

Israel, like the United States, does not believe in measured responses. Provocation merits retaliation, but Israel (and the US) is often it's own worst enemy by overreacting. Instead of basking in world sympathy for the actions of religious extremists, Israel winds up a pariah in the face of the world because of an intemperate response (sound familiar?)

In the meantime, Iran, already in the Bush administration's bomb sights and on record in spouting virulent anti-Semitic falsehoods, has little to fear from arming its allies in Lebanon. Ditto for Syria, which in effect has run Syria since the end of their civil war.

Meanwhile, over in North Korea, Kim Jong Il plays similar mind games, clearly recognizing that US forces tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan means no harm will befall him.

Quite a foreign policy, W.


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