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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Recall Romney

It's time to say sayonara Mitt. Adios. Au revoir. Auf weidersehn. Buh-bye.

Our (former) governor continues to gallivant around the country, testing the waters for a presidential campaign that looks at Massachusetts as nothing more than a foil (second item). His lack of contact with the reality of Massachusetts was powerfully highlighted by his call for using the State Police to crack down on illegal immigrants.

One problem though. (By the way, where is former State Police Col. Reed Hillman on this one?)

And of course, there's the Romney-Healey effort to advance the "compassionate conservative" agenda by vetoing the Legislature's to legalize hypodermic needle sales as a way to combat HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

There's six months left in this term marked by fraud and dishonesty -- positions taken for one election that were turned 180 degrees when the boss decided on greener pastures.

Here's a purely symbolic gesture (a quick look at the Massachusetts Constitution doesn't find the hard and fast language): let's recall Mitt. Sure, it gives Healey six months in office, Let's use that time to make her defend the ineptitude of the administration she represents as she tries for a term of her own.


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