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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turning a blind eye

It's becoming increasingly clear with each passing day that the folks who have led this state for the last decade SHOULD have been aware of the problems that culminated in concrete slabs falling from the I-90 connector, killing a Jamaica Plan woman. The question is why didn't they do anything?

It's somewhat heartening that 50 percent of poll respondents are not buying the message being offered by (former) Gov. Mitt Romney that Matt Amorello is to blame for everything.

The Globe and the Herald have done some good reporting to find the documents showing the concerns raised during the headlong rush to finish the way over time and not on budget. But the question for these players is the same as for Romney and other Turnpike Authority critics -- where've you been all these years?

There has also been some good thumbsuckers produced, trying to get to the bottom of the Massachusetts mindset that allows this to happen.

But it's become increasingly clear that it's going to take an objective national media -- and an erstwhile presidential candidate -- to get the answers we should have gotten years ago. It would not have been that hard.

Yes, Mitt may look good in shirtsleeves, explaining how epoxy should hold a bolt into the ceiling. But where's Mitt been for the last 3 1/2 years? Alternating between pointing fingers and ignoring the problems -- just like his predecessors.

The same holds true for Tom Reilly. And as for Kerry Healey -- maybe she should do more than help Mitt into his orange vest (thanks Globe for not posting the picture or column!)


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