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Sunday, July 09, 2006

We won't get fooled again

Memo to the T "planners": This fare increase may not be as easy to slip through as you hoped.

In a rare instance of worthwhile reading, City Weekly is loaded this week. The volume, however, come from readers reacting to last week's piece on the Charlie Card automated fare collection system and how easy it is to cheat. Just like this Green Line rider, I haven't had much experience with it, much like Michael Chertoff (his own three-car train?)

But the experiences of other riders -- particularly those with "helpful" MBTA employees -- resonate (as does this letter, and those here, here and here.) And there's an excellent point here about the T reaping extra dimes for less-than scintillating bus service.

And I agree with this writer, who expects the punishment to fit the crime. My suggestion: riders should suffer the same fate as the card's namesake -- don't let them off.

Fight the fare increase.


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