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Friday, August 11, 2006

False claims

If the Bush administration "Global War on Terror" has been as effective as they claim in protecting America from attack, why is it that all parties seem to be coalescing around the theory that the disrupted London plot was an al Qaeda job?

If the Bush administration had pursued Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora, rather than allowing him to escape to Pakistan (where these new British plotters apparently received aid and comfort), would this have happened?

If the resources pulled from Afghanistan to trigger a civil war in Iraq were allowed to fight the real anti-terrorism battle, would this have happened?

If the outrage on the Muslim "street" had not been allowed to grow through events like Abu Ghraib, Haditha and Mahmudiya, would this have happened?

Unlike the Bush administration, I don't profess to be infallible and all knowing. Of course, I do know that Bush et. al claimed to have weakened al Qaeda and put them on the run.

I also know that if religious zealotry and hatred -- whether practiced by people whose holy shrines are in Rome, Mecca or Jerusalem -- was not allowed to run unchecked, we would not be living in a world as unsafe as it has ever been, including the Cuban missile crisis.


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