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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Lies of Reilly

Hard to be original here after Joan Vennochi's latest skewering of Tom Reilly, but let's give it a shot.

In a great John Kerry-like moment, our esteemed attorney general now says he decided to pass on a lieutenant governor partner because he wouldn't release his tax returns. Instead, he decides upon a running mate who didn't pay her taxes.

That "reasoning" sounds suspiciously like Reilly's defense of his decision to look into the case involving the alleged alcohol-related traffic deaths of two daughters of a friend and supporter, claiming it was routine.

Tom Reilly's No. 1 attribute was supposed to be his ability to reclaim the Corner Office for Democrats after 16 years of Republicans using it as a way station to other things. It was that aura of invincibility, or at least inevitability, that made him the candidate of much of the state's Democratic high muckety-mucks.

But maybe it's time to take him at his word when he says politics is not his strong suit. The double-barreled accident and St. Fleur flap certainly damaged illusions about his invincibility.

And the ineptitude surrounding his staff's use of e-mail -- as Vennochi demonstrates today and in the infamous Killer Coke saga totally shatters it. Not to mention any illusions about his competence.

Campaigns are a reflection of candidate. The bumbling, dissembling and denials issued for things that are at the same time well documented by the campaign offers ample warning for Massachusetts voters that our attorney general can't be trusted to do the right thing -- or admit he has messed up.

Better to learn this now than a month or a year from now.

Oh, and why is it that Vennochi and not the Statehouse bureau is doing this great digging?


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