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Friday, September 15, 2006

Fun with Biff and Muffy

Well at least Chris Gabrieli would feed off the private trough.

That's the most generous interpretation you can give to Kerry Healey's last-minute foray into the Democratic gubernatorial primary with an ad attacking Gabrieli for favoring state aid to stem cell research that would ultimately benefit companies in his biotechnology portfolio.

That tortured path of reasoning is of course very different from the direct approach favored by Healey's husband, Sean, who fed directly out of the public trough with a $1 million tax credit for investing in the "blighted" Pride's Crossing community. Until he got caught.

You knew that Healey would come out of the box swinging -- and you knew that with Mitt Romney's record of flip-flopping and indifference hung around her neck -- she would be swinging hard. But it's hard to believe she chose to play the class card, of all things.

Trying to influence the Democratic primary by a last-minute negative against the second-place Gabrieli, in the hope of getting who they perceive as a weaker candidate in Deval Patrick, is Machiavellian politics at its best (or worst). Straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

It indicates quite clearly there are no ideas left in the Massachusetts GOP arsenal after 16 years of cut and run management of the Commonwealth (cut taxes and run to another job before the ceiling collapses).

The protestations of former Weld boy wonder Rob Gray that the ad was an answer to an independent radio ad recalling some of the lesser moments in Healey's four-year stint as Mitt's second banana falls short. If anything, the many of the union financiers of the Patriot Majority organization who placed the ad have endorsed Tom Reilly.

Rather, the salvo from the Healey campaign mirrors what we will be seeing on the national level: a bankrupt political party, bereft of decency and ideas, running a campaign of fear and smear to knock down the opponents' favorability ratings so they can sneak into office themselves.

It's only going to get uglier.


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