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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Speaking of clueless

We can add Tom Reilly to the list of people who really should think before they open their mouth. Following hard on the heels of his pathetic performance in Thursday night's debate, Reilly continues to show the aggressiveness he should have exhibited during his investigations of Big Dig overruns.

The state's top prosecutor apparently has no need for evidence. After all, he accepted Marie St. Fleur as his running mate after rejecting the evidence that it would be a disastrous call.

And there has been ample evidence that his own campaign leaks like a sieve, conducting its confidential business in e-mails that make their way to the media.

But instead he blames Chris Gabrieli -- and uttering veiled threats about a criminal investigation.
"We'll see where this goes," Reilly said. "These are private, confidential financial records, OK? And to leak them in an effort to get at me and put them on the front pages of The Boston Globe is wrong. It's just wrong."
Talk about a clueless thing to say. Will he do the same thing over his improper decision to discuss an active investigation with a supporter?

Reilly entered the race with one strength -- the aura of winnability. He has destroyed that many times over, leaving himself now as the candidate of the Democratic political establishment in a state where voters are fed up with politics as usual from both parties.

Reilly is truly a decent and honorable man and has been an effective prosecutor. But he will long be remembered as the master of understatement when he said "politics is not my strong suit."


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