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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who said it?

"If you want to accept to live in a democratic state, a democratic society, we have to tolerate the voices of dissent."

A. Dick Cheney
B. Mohammad Khatami
C. Mitt Romney

How sad is it, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9-11, that only one of these three even offers the facade of free speech.

Harvard MBA recipient Mitt Romney portrayed himself as the pandering hypocrite he is by his grandstand move to bar state police protection for a controversial visiting dignitary. For consistency, he should have done the same thing last night when Darth Cheney blew into town, to the Harvard Club no less, to lap up cash while avoiding all contact with the citizens of a state where he did actually get some votes.

Free speech is not free. There is a price and it includes the ability to hear things like the trash spouted by Iran's current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Or the tripe that passes from the mouth of Cheney. Or Romney.

How sad it is that in the court of public opinion it is the Iranian who, at least publicly, stands for the rights the United States has supposedly stood in defense of by its reckless foray into Iraq.

You think anyone else noticed? Probably not the conservative voters Romney is trying to woo as he runs for the White House. But you can bet it won't go unnoticed by the millions of Muslims we are trying to tell we are evenhanded and fair.


Blogger myclob said...

I did a Google Blog search on this site:


For “Mitt Romney Hypocrite” and found your post.

Some people assert that Mitt Romney is a hypocrite without any reason to agree with their conclusion. We are just supposed to take these people at their word; unfortunately they have nothing of substance to add to the conversation besides telling us what their conclusion is.

Some people actually try to bring up examples of Mitt’s hypocrisy. I have not seen a good example yet, but I will keep my eyes open.

The examples that I have seen make vague allusions to Mitt being for gay rights before he was against them. They do not use quotes from Mitt Romney or actions as examples of hypocrisy. They just assert that he is a hypocrite. At least these people bring up the topic that Mitt is allegedly hypocritical, (gay marriage). Apparently they see hypocrisy in the following quote from Mitt:

• “This is a subject about which people have tender emotions in part because it touches individual lives. It also has been misused by some as a means to promote intolerance and prejudice. This is a time when we must fight hate and bigotry, when we must root out prejudice, when we must learn to accept people who are different from one another. Like me, the great majority of Americans wish both to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and to oppose bias and intolerance directed towards gays and lesbians.”
o Governor Mitt Romney, 06-22-2004 Press Release

The people who call Mitt Romney a hypocrite would say “the great majority of Americans” are hypocrites, because the great majority of Americans do not hate gay people, but they, like Romney, “wish both to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and to oppose bias and intolerance directed towards gays and lesbians.”

We have a tradition in this country. We assume people are innocent until proven guilty. You shouldn’t call mitt Romney a hypocrite, without providing any proof.

I’ve stated Mitt Romney’s position regarding gay marriage. Please tell me what is hypocritical about it. Please tell me what action or quote led you to believe that Mitt Romney is a hypocrite. I have no way of responding to your assertion that Mitt Romney is a hypocrite, until you give some sort of evidence to support your conclusion.

Perhaps you are calling Mitt Romney a hypocrite because he bought goods and services from a company that used illegal aliens. You might want to careful calling Mitt Romney a hypocrite on this issue, because every single American has bought goods or services from companies that employee illegal aliens, including you. Have you ever bought a house? Does your house have wood, electricity, plumbing? Have you ever bought food that was grown in California?

The theme is pretty obvious. Nothing makes the media happier than being able to call a conservative a hypocrite. The theme is particularly juicy when the conservative is as squeaky clean as Gov. Romney. Next week they'll tell us that he's slept in a hotel with illegal immigrants on the staff and bought fruit picked by one.

This from Thomas Alan
!Welcome to the Silly Season

The Boston Globe reported yesterday that the company Gov. Romney hired to landscape his property has some illegal immigrants on its staff. Gov. Romney spoke for all of us when confronted with the allegation:
Romney said, "Aw, geez," and walked away.
Quick, everyone off the bandwagon!

The fact is that even the most militant anti-immigrant nutcase will have to deal with companies that employ illegal workers. It's not a case of hypocrisy. With the ubiquitous nature of illegals in our society due to our broken borders, it's simply a fact of life in America today. Instead of expecting Gov. Romney to run around demanding to see the papers of workers that aren't even under his employment, let's look at which candidate is working towards a solution that will actually fix the problem while those currently in government work towards making it worse.

This from nelsonguirado.com

Post details: Dems blow it! Can't hold on to Romney illigal alien story

Dems blow it! Can't hold on to Romney illigal alien story
Instead of waiting until the Thursday before the election (in this case, 11/7/2008) like they did with Ted Haggart, Bush Jr. drunk driving, and Bush Sr. mystery romance; waiting until they can stop Republican momentum like Foley; or until they can do damage both the president and the war effort like NY Times 1966-2006, the Dems blow it by releasing damaging information about Mitt Romney a full two years early. I was outraged that the Governor couldn't take a measly two minutes from his cushy governor job to stroll down the front steps of his house and demand I.D. from the landscapers his legal contractor hired. Just to show Mitt Romney how it's done, I went to Gigante and demanded to see the register-girl's green card before I purchased my Snickers and soda(yes, I know, tomorrow I'll start my diet).

Maybe you just don’t like Romney, and were looking for “bad” words to call him. Perhaps you discovered that the word hypocrite is a criticism, and you thought, “I don’t like Mitt Romney. I’m going to use this word that is critical on him.”

I disagree with your conclusion that Mitt Romney is a hypocrite. You have two options, when someone disagrees with you on your blog. We can talk or debate the issue, or you can be a little dictator and delete my comment. I look forward to seeing what type of blogger you are.

This from "Matt Margolis" of Hub Politics

But, I'm sure they are also the same people who supported Deval Patrick during the gubernatorial campaign and turned a blind eye to his blatant hypocrisy for choosing to employ nonunion labor to build his second home (a mansion, really) in the Berkshires.


December 02, 2006 1:31 PM  

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