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Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't say anything if you can't be negative

Massachusetts Republicans, much like John Hobbes, apparently believe political campaigns should be short, nasty and brutish. They also never listened to their mothers when told that they shouldn't say anything if they can't be nice.

Whether it is flip lines like Charlie Manning's 'Lock up the cute interns" taunt of Bill Clinton (what about the pages?) to Kerry Healey's mouthpiece latest scripted retort, Massachusetts Republicans are a grim bunch.

And let's not forgot Willard's crusade.

Think about it. When was the last time you hear the Romney-Healey administration offer a positive word on the campaign trail. Fear and smear. Gloom and doom. Innuendo and sarcasm. All in an effort to mask a 16-year GOP record of inaction and ineptitude.

Wanna bet they try to turn this story into a plagiarism allegation?

GOP operatives firmly believe in the politics of negative -- tear down an opponent rather than offer specifics. Raise fear rather than hope. Sadly these themes from the Lee Atwater playbook have been tested and shown to work over time.

The result: the world today, courtesy of George Bush and company and the do-evil Republican Congress is short, nasty and brutish -- if you live in Iraq or in the gun violence-plagued cities of America. Where the fear of terrorism has become as effective a weapon as terrorism itself.

That is of course unless you are rich and comfortable -- aided by the Bush tax cuts and unaffected by the service cuts at the local level. You know, the ones where "no new taxes" have meant fewer cops, more guns and politicians pandering to the fear that has created.

And hope? Well that's for sissies and philandering, soft on life Democrats.


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