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Monday, October 30, 2006

Dumb and dumber

Here we are, just a week away from what appears to be a major repudiation of the Romney "legacy" and our favorite Empty Suit is hard at work on his next challenge: finding his running mate in '08.

Yes, the man who brought us Kerry Healey as second banana has his eyes on Jeb Bush as his No. 2. The thought runs that the Bush name inoculates Romney from the slings and arrows of the Theocons who don't believe Mormons are sufficiently Christian.

The best thing I can say about this potential matchup is Romney is a lot of wind and Bush has a lot of experience cleaning up after the mess caused by wind. After that, it's all downhill.

There remains one major elephant in the room (sorry) even if Turd Blossom aka Boy Genius is right in believing the GOP will retain control of the House. It's called Bush fatigue. The Divider, not Decider polls in the upper 30s and lower 40s (generously) and its fair to say a large segment of the country wants a change. Yet another Bush is not a change.

Then there's the issue of Romney himself. Leave aside the bigotry of the Theocons who rule the roost (and will be looking for purity after being disappointed that gays are still allowed to breath, let along get married.)

What does Willard Mitt have to show for himself after four years in the Corner Office? It won't start with a pretty picture. He's heading for a serious repudiation here (his negatives are higher than Healey's) and his tenure as chairman of the Republican Governors Association doesn't look like it is going to end with a bang.

Then there's the, ahem, record, short as it is because he lost interest two years into the job. The Cogliano tenure as Big Dig Czar is looking a lot like the Amorello reign. There's been a lot of talk and great photo ops but is anything truly different 16 years into Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff "management"?

The health care law that he will surely claim credit for is heading for some rocky times because of Romney-Healey policy decisions that spare those who can afford to pay (businesses) by hitting hard at those who cannot (the uninsured).

Once the national press corps gets past the nice suit and great hair they will also discover that Willard Mitt is, what's the term, a flip-flopper. And he flipped on one issue that is generally considered to be guided by moral clarity -- the right to choose. He won't be helped by blunt advisers like Michael Murphy:
''He's been a pro-life Mormon faking it as a pro-choice friendly."
Then there's gay marriage, a true crowd pleaser for red meat Theocons. But Mitt has failed there. Gay men and women have been getting married for two years now and the moral fiber of the Commonwealth and the nation has not disintegrated. The earliest a ballot question could appear on the ballot is 2008 -- too late for the Mittser to profit from the sturm und drang it would generate.

So here's the Romney record. His tenure brought an end to 16 years of GOP control of the Corner Office as voters tired of a party who produced candidates who didn't believe in finishing what they started. He was in charge when the GOP House of Cards "overseeing" a massive construction project fell apart. He was not good for his word, telling Massachusetts voters in 2002 he was pro-choice, then changing his mind on the national stage.

Yep, he sounds like a Bush all right. Why does he need Jeb?


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