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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Heard on the T

Heard at Park Street.

"Attention passengers, The next train for Ashmont is now arriving." Of course, the announcement didn't mention it wouldn't bother to stop.

Moments later: "Attention passengers. The next train for Ashmont is now arriving." That train got me to Kendall-MIT fairly quickly.

Human beings are proving just as good at forgetting which stop is next, whether on Red, Green, Orange, Blue or Silver.

Then there's the matter of the new fare machines, which if they are working are confusing, slow and create long lines, particularly on buses. There is also the issue of the surly employees who wave you through the open spaces where Charlie readers are being installed (and which are very cramped because there's not enough room for them and confused riders.) The TSA should consider hiring these folks. To them, everyone is a terrorist.

Fight the fare increase.


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