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Monday, October 02, 2006

Honesty in government

Yep, Kerry Healey is getting nervous. How else can you explain the defiance when caught cheating?

The Healey campaign has been running an ad that includes Democrats saying nice things about her role in passage of a law extending the statute of limitations on sex crimes (now there's a bill with lots of opposition!)

Those Democrats are taking offense over the misrepresentation of their words in a Healey ad and have asked the Romney Second Banana to take it off the air, prompting this retort from her campaign manager:
"I think that the ad credits the lieutenant governor for working to push through tough sex offender legislation that's going to protect victims," said Tim O'Brien , Healey's campaign manager. "And again today, we hear from them that she should get a lot of credit for that. So I'm still unsure of what their problem is."
The problem is context and false implications Tim. It's as if you were to use my words in an ad if I say Kerry Healey is better than Mitt Romney, without bothering to note I think both of them leave a lot to be desired.

This is a team so spooked by the political climate -- and so desperate for "Reagan Democrats" -- that it needs to seek implied endorsements to counteract the real ones going to Deval Patrick from respected Republicans like Gloria Larson.

Maybe the GOP "machine" can use its micro-targeting efforts to find those voters who relish dishonesty in government and like the twisted, win-at-all-costs efforts that Republicans have mastered.

And oh yeah, isn't it about time for Tom Reilly to get over his snit and grow up. You can see the reasons why you lost when you look in the mirror Tom.


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