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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Look what the wind blew in

We've had a Romney sighting! OK, so he was around as Kerry Healey urged the turnpike authority to tear down those toll booths, but he actually tried to stay in the background and let his second banana speak.

But our (former) governor took time out from his busy schedule campaigning for Florida candidates and plotting the way around IRS restrictions placed on the political activities of religious organizations to deign to actually speak a few words on behalf of Sherry Healey.

Mitt took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Jon Keller and opine about the importance issues facing Massachusetts voters, like Ben Laguer. And to offer is his punditry on Healey's chances.
"I think she's going to pull it off. She was 39 points behind only a few weeks ago, and now I think it's in single digits. And who knows? When people get in the voting booth, I think they're going to say 'You know what? I want a governor who will protect my personal security.'"
Single digits? Funny, that doesn't match what he told Wolf Blitzer? How many more days until he goes away for good?


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