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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A mother's love

When more than half the people in the state have an unfavorable opinion of you, perhaps the smartest thing you can do is campaign with your mother.

The Globe today features the statewide jaunts of Mrs. Murphy and Mrs, Healey even as new polls showing Kerry Healey falling more than 25 points behind with negatives that make Ted Kennedy look non-controversial. Or even Mitt Romney.

The story coincides with new Healey commercials that actually feature sunshine and smiles -- and not women cowering in dark garages. But is it too late for a kinder, gentler Healey?

She'll get her chance tonight, in a four-way debate moderated by Jon Keller. My guess is it is too late for Healey to change her image with the vast majority of Massachusetts voters who have only really come to know Mitt Romney's second banana for the slash-and-burn tactics of the last month.

Maybe her mother has always loved her, but for Bay State voters to turn it around now on the basis of a new ad and a rosy feature would require a flip-flop of unprecedented proportions.


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