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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mush from the Warmonger

The Boston Globe, inadvertently we're to believe, created the standard for political analysis by headlining an editorial about a Jimmy Carter policy pronouncement as Mush from the Wimp.

I think the latest pronouncement from the current occupant of the Oval Office might be Mush from the Warmonger. I might also be concerned that George Bush is talking to himself. Next stop might be the White House portraits.

Nonetheless, we were treated to mush from The Leader of the Free World yesterday who offered the stunning statement that we have not exhausted diplomacy in North Korea, unlike the situation in Iraq, where we were forced to go to war to halt Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Let's leave aside how diplomatic it is to say you "loathe" the leader of another nation. And we might try to understand how, in Bush's mind we exhausted means short of war in Iraq when he opted to invade before allowing the weapons inspectors to finish their job (something that would have exposed the lie upon which the war was based).

But our straw man creator offered this piece of tortured language and logic nonetheless:

“I’m asked questions around the country, ‘Just go ahead and use the military,’ ” Mr. Bush said at a morning news conference in the Rose Garden, his first extended question-and-answer session with reporters in the days since North Korea announced it had detonated a nuclear device. “And my answer is that I believe the commander in chief must try all diplomatic measures before we commit our military.”

“I’ll ask myself a follow-up,” Mr. Bush said. “ ‘If that’s the case, why did you use military action in Iraq?’ And the reason why is because we tried the diplomacy.”

(Oops, sorry, we don't torture.)

This performance comes down to changing the subject. The reality is the congressional sex scandal has the potential to do unto the GOP what Katrina did unto New Orleans, keeping an outraged red meat base at home. W. needs to play up his alleged strengths to get them to vote. And he also needs to rationalize the childish game of "I Double Dare You" he is playing with North Korea's unstable "Dear Leader" -- who is obviously also trying to influence an American election.

Diplomacy has obviously never been in the Bush game plan. His failure to follow up on the diplomatic trail blazed by the Clinton administration in North Korea -- similiar to his failure to follow up on Clinton's Mideast initiatives -- have created a frightening unstable world. One where you don't feel safer.

Funny you don't really hear W. talk about the Axis of Evil any more. A little too frightening for any of us to consider how belligerent, undiplomatic rhetoric has turned into reality I guess. Maybe that's why he's trying out to replace Joan Rivers on the red carpet.


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