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Friday, October 27, 2006

The perfect storm

The latest Globe poll says it all -- 25 percentage point lead, at 17-point gap between Kerry Healey's sky high unfavorables and dropping favorable rating and voter acceptance of Deval Patrick's arguments that property tax relief is more important than an income tax rollback.

But if you need more proof that Kerry Healey ran the perfectly wrong campaign at the perfectly wrong time -- check this out in the Herald -- open season in the GOP.

First the numbers also show that state employees, one of the Herald's favorite targets, are putting their cash behind Kerry, making her the insider.

Then, you have the wayward (former) governor making a rare appearance to invoke the "D-word." When the GOP trots out the Mike Dukakis fear and smear tactic. you know they are in trouble. Especially when it comes from someone guilty of the very same of which they accuse the Duke. No not "liberalism" -- though Romney is more extreme to the right than Duke was to the left -- but "abandoning" the state for national ambitions.

Which bring us to "governing" and the pathetic job the Romney-Healey administration has done "managing" the Big Dig. Somehow the sins of Cogliano don't match those of Amorello in the Mittser's eyes, a form of, er, tunnel vision perhaps?

But you really know the firing squad is setting up in a circular fashion when Howie Carr trains his sights on you. But when the Pudgy Preppie blames Mitt for Muffy's woes you know two campaigns are headed for burnt toast status.

But you always need a touch a realism and I got that from a friend, up from Florida for a visit, who took in the Wednesday debate. With no prior knowledge of the players, he summarized the race after that hour by saying "she's a mean one, isn't she?"


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