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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rules? In a Knife Fight?

So Kerry Healey thinks she's the aggrevieved party who deserves an apology from Deval Patrick for saying it was "inappropriate" to link her to one of the slimiest political moments in Massachusetts history.

Well, as Harvey Logan said to Butch Cassidy moments before the start of the kick-shortened battle for control over the Hole in the Wall Gang -- Rules? In a knife fight? It's too late now to change the game you started.

Healey launched the mean-spirited tone from the time she took the podium primary night and made "crime" the issue of the campaign. The "career criminologist" who has written four books -- including a 12-pager most people would consider a book report -- was desperate for an issue to overshadow the lack of accomplishments of the Romney-Healey administration.

Since then she has bombarded the airwaves with a litany of issues supposedly important to the Massachusetts voter -- including Patrick offering a constitutionally required defense of a cop killer in Florida and his support for a convicted rapist in Massachusetts who bamboozled that noted liberal, John Silber.

Interestingly, her voice has not been raised on whether cities and towns have been able to hire the cops and firefighters need to keep their citizens safe. Or why 16 years of Republican control of state governments and its authorities hasn't made it safer to drive a car down the Mass Pike.

So now, when in the Healey campaign style, someone drags Patrick's sister and brother-in-law through the mud, revealing he did time for rape in California during a marriage separation, the blonde bumshell decides she's the one who needs an apology.

How does that jibe with her purported belief in victims rights?

Kerry, you ain't the victim here. And when even the Herald, which dredged up this sewer, comes back at you with a story and two columns -- pointing to the hypocrisy, lack of dignity and lack of respect you engender, you know you have problems.

So why don't you apologize to Rhonda Sigh for creating a climate where her marital problems were dragged onto the front page of a daily newspaper. She's the victim of the a crime. You are the perpetrator of a climate of fear to hide your singular lack of accomplishments or qualifications for office.


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