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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The smoking e-mail

The Globe has devoted a lot of ink to whether the Mitt Romney presidential campaign has actively wooed either the Church of Latter Day Saints or Brigham Young University to play a role in the campaign he insists he hasn't decided to wage.

As with all political machinations, the tentacles are twisted and hard to unravel. But there are two points here that need to be stressed.

The Mormon Church and BYU, as not-for-profit entities under federal tax law, cannot engage in politics. Admittedly, more and more religious "leaders" have entered the arena and we haven't seen the revenoors target Pope Benedict XVI (at least that we are aware of).

This isn't the time for the discussion of whether this tactic will backfire because of the belief among many in the GOP "base" that Mormonism is a "cult."

The more important point is that represents the latest example of Mitt Romney's penchant to say different things to different people and change his tune based on his audience. You know, like the abortion shift. Or on a far more trivial matter, what he had to say to Wolf Blitzer and Jon Keller about Kerry Healey's chances to succeed him.

Yesterday, The Globe offered Romney's standard "of course I'm going to raise money among friends" defense along with his usual attack on the messenger.

"There are two factions of reporters where I come from in Massachusetts," he said. "We have the Hillary-loving, Ted Kennedy apologists -- and we have the liberals."

Well, you forgot the third -- the kind that dig up facts and provide hard evidence -- like e-mails showing a concerted effort by the Romney camp to raise funds among LDS members -- and involve church leaders in that effort.

There's a great deal of murk here -- even the tax lawyers aren't sure the campaign crossed the line and of course the candidate has deniability (though I doubt he will fire his son if this goes south.)

But what is clear is this is yet another example of Mitt Romney saying one thing in Massachusetts and doing something entirely different in another venue.

Before his semi-retirement, "Ben" did a marvelous job of following the Empty Suit's twists and turns. I highly recommend it to national reporters thinking about jumping aboard the Romney juggernaut.


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