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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sordid affair

It's become so twisted it would be comic -- if it weren't so serious. Mark Foley's defense comes down to the priest made me do it. Well, it's at least better than Denny Hastert's Sergeant Schultz defense.

The former chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children now says that his inappropriate relations with House pages is the result of his being abused by a priest as a teenager. And oh yeah, that's he's gay. And has an alcohol problem. Why is it hard to believe all of this right now?

Sadly, there is a ring of truth to the story, if not the timing of this true confession. Pouring out in the heat of the hottest scandal yet to hit the corrupt Republican Congress, it sounds as if it has been concocted by Jon Lovitz's serial liar Tommy Finnagin, grasping at straws until he says "yeah, that's the ticket."

Even though he only lived in Massachusetts for three years, you half expect him to blurt out a Rick Santorum attack on the Boston archdiocese and how it is a reflection of Harvard and MIT liberalism.

There's is no pathos in Hastert's inconceivable, inexcusable and immoral lack of response to the acts his office was made aware of in January 2005. And which pages knew about 10 years earlier.

Republicans have been fond of telling the country that only they have the moral compass to lead, that liberals are a plague of culture of good and decent people. The hypocrisy is getting a little too hard to bear: Tom Delay. Jack Abramoff. Duke Cunningham. Bob Ney. John Doolittle. Forgive me if I forgot anyone.

We won't even get into Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush and Rove.

I have a proposal for the GOP if it is looking for a central casting leader, someone to take their valiant crusade to the public. See if Bernie Law is available.


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