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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The spin zone

Jon Keller's take on the latest CBS4 Fast Track poll represents all that's wrong with political reporting today. Create the story by taking the poll, then spin the results to guarantee continued attention.

The numbers are not shocking. Technically Healey has indeed "cut sharply" into Patrick's lead, slicing a 25-point gap down to 18 points. I'm bad at math but that sounds like 35 percent.

And it's a "whopping" 21 percent lower than the poll they took right after Patrick's primary victory. A poll I believe no one on this green earth took seriously. Only a few more people thought 25 percent was realistic.

Then Keller posits the reason for the slide is the Healey ad campaign. A no brainer indeed -- and one that leaves out the context of the ads and the allegations that they are distorted. And of course the he offers that Healey is getting traction (which is hard to do when you are slipping deeper and deeper into the mud).

Of course 18 points four weeks out is not exactly chopped liver. And the Patrick forces appear to be waking from their slumber, bringing in Jack Corrigan and Doug Hattaway as advisors.

Corrigan has never been one to worry about bruising his knuckles -- or an opponent's sense of self-esteem. Hattaway has also been around the block a few times -- most prominently in Al Gore's winning 2000 election.

It's a somewhat delayed recognition that since Healey won't play fair it's time to turn up the heat on her non-record as second banana of the Romney-Healey administration. And that crime can be defined in ways other than screaming distorted sensationalism.

Hang on. And if you check in on Jon, check in with me too.


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