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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

State of delusion

If George Bush is living in a state of denial, then Mitt Romney is surely in the state of delusion.

How else to explain our (former) governor's breezy assertion that he would easily win re-election. Or his very generous gift to Deval Patrick by running ads through the Republican Governors Association touting the Romney-Healey record (He must be reading this blog.)

The tale of the polls to date is not Patrick's 25 percent lead. It is the astounding negatives piled up by Romney (48 percent) and Healey (42 percent) along with the 57 percent who feel the state is seriously off track. Forty-five percent of those surveyed said Healey's role as Romney's lieutenant governor made them less likely to vote for her; 25 percent considered it a point in her favor.

That is the result of Romney-Healey record -- benign neglect punctuated by occasional displays of concern for the cameras. The budget was resolved without taxes because of the will of former House Speaker Tom Finneran; the health care reform law (which more and more looks like it could use a doctor) was the work of the Legislature. More jobs? Where?

The Romney-Healey record is one of deception (abortion flip-flopping); grandstanding to cover neglect (the Big Dig) and abandonment of the job. The Romney-Healey team is a reminder of the old line about you get what you pay for.

It's going to take more than TV commercial gimmicks like "spend-o-meters" and tired old lines like spend thrift liberal to win this election for them.

What exactly are you going to cut to roll back the income tax, Kerry? Local aid? Education spending? Dollars for public safety? Or are you going to continue to short shrift housing? Health care?

The Romney-Healey team has worn out its welcome. The leader should go home to Utah, Michigan or New Hampshire. The Second Banana will just need to retreat to the blight of Pride's Crossing. I believe that's in the state of delusion.


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