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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There she goes again

Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey are upset some things that took place yesterday, were, gosh, political!

Our positive, forward-looking, always seeing the bright side Republican candidate offers this complaint while releasing yet another negative ad filled with distortion. I guess this must be the fourth, compared to the hundreds aired by Deval Patrick.

Kudos to the Globe for the simple declarative sentence: "The ad contains some distortions."

And I guess Sean Healey really wanted to pay his taxes when, as the Herald reports he "personally pushed for questionable state tax breaks for his cash-flush acquisition firm as it moved to build new headquarters in a wealthy section of Beverly."

Meantime, the non-political public servant is crying foul over a letter from members of the Governor's Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence asking her to step down as chairwoman because of the political mugging she has been engaged in for the last month.

The commission focused on the parking garage ad, where Healey attempts to frighten the bejesus out of women by implying a rapist lurks in the shadows. The letter declares:
This ad perpetuates three damaging myths: first, that only women are at risk for sexual violence; second, that strangers - particularly those who come from communities of color - are those who should be feared the most; and third, that rapists are visibly unsavory individuals."
The Healey campaign complains that many of the letter backers are registered Democrats who have donated to Patrick. Well duh. How many of the non-signers of the 300-member commission are registered Republicans or women to have donated to Healey? It is a gubernatorial commission after all.

The one valid complaint: the stand would have been more effective if 21 of the 39 participants had opted to sign their names rather than remain in the symbolic shadows.

And oh gosh, golly gee whiz the Legislature is playing politics one week before the vote by issuing a report blasting the Romney administration's failure to coordinate emergency preparedness and disaster response efforts with cities and towns. Think this is what has the bee in their bonnet?
The report, compiled by the powerful Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee, found that the state's police and fire departments have lost more than 1,100 employees since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and that the vast majority of departments lack key communications capabilities.
Somehow I'm not comforted by the fact that the Department of Homeland Security reached an opposite conclusion. The record of DHS' preparedness agency, FEMA, is not what I could call stellar.

But Mitt doesn't seem to have problems when he constantly passes through airport security.


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