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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tunnel vision

Like a broken clock, even the Herald can be right twice a day. One of those times is now, with a headline that's on the money: You're Kidding, Right?

The fox is guarding the hen house. The inmates are running the asylum. Republicans are for the little guy. Oops, that's a different story.

But the acknowledgement that Bechtel, Parsons Brinckerhoff is supervising Big Dig repairs actually makes lots of sense. Let this sink in for a second: the firm that failed to adequate check the construction of the tunnels, allowing a ceiling tile to collapse and kill someone, is now in charge of making sure that the repair of their shoddy work is not shoddy.

No wonder Kerry Healey is trying to focus on violent crime. The Romney-Healey administration needs to change the subject from its suborning of white collar crime. And allowing it to continue.

With Mitt off seducing the Mormon Church out of its cash and Kerry busy using copkillers and rapists to claim she's tough on crime, focus has turned away from the Big Dig -- and the flaming inconsistencies between Romney-Healey rhetoric and reality.

Unfortunately, we're used to the ways of the Romney-Healey administration -- of good intentions gone bad (or so they say). Witness the latest: Healey's admonition to her skinhead backers to never, ever do bad things again.
"I let it be known that is not what I want to have happen in the future," said Healey after a minor furor developed over the picketing. "I asked them not to do that in the future, and I do think that it crossed the line.
Then Timmy reveals the real position.
"I don't think there is anything inappropriate with what happened Thursday, or that the (signs) or the suits are inappropriate," he said. "There is a difference between a stand-out and going to someone's house."
I believe the term is unrepentant.

But back to the idea of why this monumental (criminal) farce makes sense. Simply, it's the result of the inattentiveness of an administration that has made ideology a prime mover over policy. So you ignore oversight until a tragedy. You show "resolve" while the cameras are around. Then you go back to ignoring the "mundane" stuff like making the Commonwealth work.

Want to bet the final piece of the repairs will be miraculously finished right before Nov. 7?

No wonder the Healey act appears not to be working anymore.

Don't let any ceiling tiles hit you on the way out of town.


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