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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wanted: an honest politician

Kerry Healey's fellow "career criminologists" are getting a bit miffed. And the evidence is getting stronger that she's tough on crime only when the cases involve Deval Patrick, not her or Mitt Romney.

James Allen Fox, a very familiar Northeastern University criminologist and BU sociology professor Peter Yeager are among those who think the Pride of Pride's Crossing credentials are "rather thin." Says Fox:
"Many criminologists are offended that she is using that authority to advance a campaign that is so out of line with justice, where a defense attorney can't be a good leader and you have to be either for victims or against them."
Campaign attack dog Tim O'Brien naturally disagrees, denigrating the critics as "theorists who think it's OK to release criminals back into society." (By the way, where is career police officer Reed Hillman in all of this?)

"Kerry Healey, on the other hand, has had to govern. She's had first hand experience and has worked with law enforcement officers and others responsible for protecting our families."
A quickie review of her resume suggests some, er, resume kiting.

"Before I entered politics, I worked for the US Department of Justice researching crime," says Healey. I supose that's true when you stop and look at the fact she The Globe reports that did work as a consultant for Abt Associates, working on issues for the Justice Department. That work, the Globe says, mostly involved compiling the research of others, was published by the US Justice Department's National Institute of Justice.

And yes, she says she was an adjunct faculty member at Endicott College and UMass-Lowell. That's part-time, and on the faculty pecking order, rock bottom. And this academic credential certainly stands out:

According to her biography, she was chosen as a visiting researcher in the International and Comparative Legal Studies program at Harvard Law School in 1985. According to Harvard Law School, students working on advanced degrees can apply and pay to gain access to facilities, students, and teachers. To be admitted, a researcher must be recommended by a faculty member.

Obviously, very little prepared her on basic concepts like the constitutional right to a fair trial and to be represented by an attorney. Or an accurate portrayal of her background.

Don't we deserve a governor who has worked in the real world and doesn't need to embellish her experience?

Meanwhile, the Healey tough on crime stand continues to be selective. Apparently when she is not condoning work release programs in the Statehouse for convicted cop killers, she is signing proclamations for Whitey Bulger leg breakers who find God.

And somehow a defense of “It was a mistake in judgment that every elected body in Massachusetts made” seems weak in the contrast to the decision to pile on Patrick over Ben LaGuer -- who also won support from John Silber and Elie Wiesel, among other known criminal coddlers.

How about some truth and consistency? Oh I forgot, that's not in the GOP campaign playbook.


Anonymous Marcie said...

It also looks like the Romney/Healey Adminstration trampled on the law when it came to Deval's brother-in-law. It seemed like his case was rushed through, see Joan Vennochi's article:


October 19, 2006 7:53 AM  

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