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Monday, October 16, 2006

What do YOU stand for?

First the Healey campaign mocks Bill Clinton coming to town to campaign for Deval Patrick, cheekily suggesting we "lock up the good looking interns."

But then it flip-flops, putting together a 45-second ad -- probably intended for web use only (and which I won't link to give it more hits) -- designed to make Patrick seem out of step with Clinton on "her" issues like immigration, driver's licenses for undocumented residents and the towering heap of crap that has marked the character assassination passing as a campaign.

Just exactly who is that going to appeal to?

Clinton and Patrick got off some good lines at the fund-raiser, with the former president correctly noting why Healey is trying the only tactic available to someone who has unfavorables higher than favorables.
"When they start trying to throw the kind of stuff at you that they've been throwing at him, they don't do that unless they think they're getting a big whuppin' laid on."
As someone who has taken more than a few rounds of GOP garbage, Clinton has perspective. Can't wait to see the smarmy response from Tim O'Brien.

Patrick continues to take the modified high road.
"I am no Bill Clinton. I am no Dr. King or John Kennedy or FDR or Thomas Jefferson," Patrick told the crowd. "But I do know the right words, spoken from the heart with conviction, because of a vision of a place just beyond our reach and a faith in the unseen, are call to action. That's what I'm asking you to do: Take action."
O'Brien will probably respond "pffft."

So one more time, Kerry: we know what you say Deval Patrick stands for. What do you stand for -- other than unrelenting negativism delivered with a sledgehammer touch. What have you and Mitt Romney accomplished? Who should you get the keys to the Corner Office?

And oh by the way, where we you when Dick Cheney came to town to raise bucks for you? Yet another profile in courage from Lt. Gov. Sticks and Stones.


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