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Monday, October 23, 2006

Who's in charge?

Mitt's jetting off to every corner of the country. Kerry is fully engaged in using a shiv to gain the right to succeed him. The Legislature is in taking a break. Who's running this state?

Well, the Legislature is obeying the rules it created at the behest of the public, though some action on some leftover important matters like a bond bill for technology would be nice. But no one ever said the legislative branch is in charge.

Eric Fehrnstrom, in typical Republican fashion, tries to blame the Democrats.
"This is an election year," Fehrnstrom said. "(U.S. Sen.) John Kerry is crisscrossing the country for candidates. Democrats in the Legislature stopped working in July so they could campaign full time. And Gov. Romney is doing what he can to help elect Republicans."
Note to Eric: Kerry is a legislator. And we know the Republican Congress, of which he is a minority member, is the textbook definition of do-nothing.

The GOP was quick to call for Michael Dukakis' resignation when he ran for president 16 years ago. With two weeks to go, it would be pointless for Romney to step down (not to mention he quit on the Massachusetts voter months ago).

We certainly know Kerry Healey is not in charge. Mitt has never given her significant responsibilities. Besides, we know she's been auditioning for Halloween for about five weeks now.


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