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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cold feet?

Are the Romney Rubber Stamps, aka the Massahusetts Turnpike Authority board, getting cold feet?

You've got to believe something is up when they decide to "move forward" without formally committing themselves to tearing down the toll booths west of 128.

Maybe it was the scintillating logic of Romney mouthpiece Eric Fehrnstrom, who argued eliminating toll collectors is an important step in closing a $16 billion projected gap in financing over the next 20 years. Let's see: eliminate tolls (and revenue) to balance the budget. The sounds Bush-o-nomics and just what this country needs in candidate Mitt Romney.

The nonsensical pre-election stunt of the Romney-Healey team will hopefully receive the death it deserves. Any effort to deal with the cost of transportation infrastructure must be a complete plan -- that includes mass transit as well as highways and involve all residents of the state.

Yes, Mass Pike drivers are getting a raw deal. But the rest of us -- who either use the roads or don't use specific roads -- should also be part of the equation.

This plan should be turnd into road kill.


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