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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Food fight

Sounds like I made a good decision to balance the checkbook and sort my socks. The fourth (but unfortunately not final) debate appears to have been a gold-plated reason to argue there can be too much of a good thing.

The Queen of Mean had her one-liners at the ready, aiming this one at Christy Mihos.
"I've got 50 good ideas to move this Commonwealth forward ... You've got one idea. And Deval's got none."
After six weeks I can think of only one that she's offered -- don't walk alone in a dark garage.

And for someone with a non-existent record of accomplishment after four years as second banana (and let's not forgot chairwoman of a political party that is virtually non-existent) the lt gov is hardly one to be challenging credentials -- like Patrick's job at the Justice Department.

Patrick finally dropped some of his water rolling off a duck's back demeanor to lecture the career criminologist on what a prosecutor does.
"I've had to make judgments about whom to charge and with what. Those hard cases, about what the evidence is and what is firm and fair. I had to make hard judgments about sentencing, including the death penalty, when I was with the Justice Department."
Ironically, today's Herald offers dramatic testimony to that fact, criticizing the candidate they have called squishy on crime for not
prosecuting an FBI sniper involved in the Ruby Ridge standoff. Ah consistency. And as Scot Lehigh notes, how many times was US Attorney William Weld inside a courtroom during his stints as a prosecutor at the Justice Department in Boston and Washington?

Last night reflected the reality of debate as food fight -- throw around a lot of slop and see what sticks and where. The need to score points with your favorite pundits remains No. 1.

The Herald headline clearly reflects how Healey did with her fans. The Globe reflected the reality they saw as a paper whose editorial board backed the other guy. To their credit, they still know the difference between news and opinion in headlines -- something the Herald has never cared for and which is why they are to journalism what Healey is to politics.

This race is just about over -- Timmy's protestations of single-digit internal polls notwithstanding. It will be remembered as nasty and uncivil -- a Republican candidate with no personal record and baggage from a discredited boss trying to strip the bark off a candidate offering more of a vision than a game plan.

If the overwhelming majority of the published polls hold true (and there's always the race fudge factor to consider) Massachusetts voters are eager to accept a vision of a Commonwealth where people work together rather than imitate video game scenarios about total destruction. There's been 14 years of cold hard proof in Washington that such a scenario means failure -- and we are the ultimate losers.

And that is truly the bottom line: we -- the voters and taxpayers -- deserve better than what we have been offered in Washington and in the Statehouse for the last 16 years.


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