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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Holidays from Mitt

OK, so the Herald was paying attention to something while ignoring the great Fehrnstrom Fiasco. It seems that our soon-to-be former governor wasn't quite as generous with Republican candidates for office in Massachusetts as he was in finding pension perches for his cronies.

The Mittser showered Commonwealth PAC largesse on four states -- Michigan, South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire -- while ignoring candidates for federal office from Massachusetts. Now grant you the federal field here was awful, but the goose egg is reflective of Romney's lack of attention to his alleged home base after the great Team Reform fiasco of 2004.

Equally intriguing to the stiff arm is the apparent memory gap between Commonwealth PAC flak Jared Young and the candidates who allegedly received generous personal backing from Team Romney.
A Herald review of contributors to the four Bay State candidates revealed no personal donations from Mitt Romney or his family.
Maybe Mr. Young was brainwashed?


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