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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm not a member of an organized political party...

Will Rogers famously talked about Democrats and organization. The party is quickly showing he was correct -- and why the jackass, er, donkey is the party symbol.

The internal spat of Hoyer vs. Murtha and some of the under card matchups show the party really prefers circular firing squads. Instead of putting forth a united game plan, the House has degenerated into a spat that raised questions about one candidate's ethics and the other candidate's long-running feud with the Speaker.

But it's also time for the Washington press corps to take a deep breath. With the election now a fading memory to most people, the average American has moved on to who won Dancing with the Stars and how many people will be at the Thanksgiving table. And of course, how are they going to snag that Play Station 3 for junior.

The leadership fights are the ultimate in inside baseball and of little interest for most folks. So my suggestion for the Capitol Hill press corps? Grab an extra turkey leg, check out the football games and chill out.


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