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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry go home (squared)

While I chronicled the further verbal misadventures of Kerry, the slash-and-burn gubernatorial candidate below, I need to say some more about Kerry, the stumble and bumble senator. Actually my advice to both of them is the same: sit down and .....

The further misadventures of Senator Malaprop have been recounted in full detail elsewhere -- including the Times' zinger that Kerry found economy of words only when asked if he needed to go to joke school. Thankfully the latest Times poll suggests that even snide remarks from Vice President Student Deferment won't help the GOP.

Millions of words are about to be spilled in overanalyzing the junior senator's quest for redemption and his apparent self-immolation for lack of the word "us." That seems appropriate for a man whose career has been marked by overanalysis.

But it might be worth pondering why a seemingly intelligent, moderate Republican reinvents herself as the Bride of Frankenstein -- to the point where her own second banana candidate questions her decision.

When even Deval Patrick -- the object of her vitriol -- says she's nicer than she has made herself out to be in this campaign, you have to ask why. What possessed her to allow the Democrats the full stage over the summer without trying to present herself as someone different from Mitt Romney? And why did she use the attention of the primary night stage to savage Patrick instead of introduce (or to be charitable, re-introduce) herself to Massachusetts voters.

Healey will think long and hard about her decision to let Tim O'Brien and Rob Gray turn her into the Queen of Mean. She will no doubt have company from John Kerry's long and hard thoughts about why his mouth and his brain refuse to work in tandem.

If John is lucky, he will not alienate voters who could keep him in the Senate for life. If not, he will join Healey in figuring out how to live comfortably on the assets of their spouses.


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