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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Openness in government

I hate continuing to beat a dead horse (OK, maybe not in this case) but you can certainly learn a lot about someone's character by watching their actions. And with Mitt Romney, the inability to give a straight, honest answer is telling.

Our soon-to-be-former governor, who runs around the country saying he hasn't made a final decision about a presidential campaign, continues to prove that actions speak louder than words. Whether it is hiring a campaign strategist in South Carolina, naming a team of economic advisers, or checking out space for a campaign headquarters the moves are as clear as the two yeares he has spent running around the country using Massachusetts as a foil.

Yet when questioned, Romney lieutenant Jared Young offer this pablum:
"The governor hasn't made any decision yet and has said that he won't until after the holidays and he talks with his family," Young said. "All of this is predicated on what decision he makes."
It's hard to remember when a straight word came out of this man's mouth -- whether it was serious issues like gay rights and choice, his reasons for naming loyalists to pension-earning posts or his happiness over choosing Massachusetts as his home.

The Washington press corps and the pundits who continue to heap praise on this guy from a distance really should get an up close and personal look before falling in love.


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