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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

President Bush, meet Speaker Pelosi

All the scare tactics, all the fear-mongering and all the lies have resulted in exactly what George Bush had tried to avoid: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Be careful who you demonize.

Democratic control of the House
(and amazingly still a chance to control the Senate) is the first step putting this country back on the right path, And that surely means avoiding what Bush and his gang has done so well -- marginalize the opposition.

The first Democratic priority in the House is accountability: oversight of the misdeeds and possible illegalities of the Bush administration. That does not mean impeachment. It does means tough oversight hearings where people like Don Rumsfeld, Condi Rice and other functionaries are hauled into sworn sessions to explain why they pursued a war under false pretenses, condoned torture and abuse and squandered America's good name.

Democratic control also means fair play for the rest of us: requiring big pharma to receive a fair price for its products (not sweetheart deals) and that average Americans can enjoy a good lifestyle and a livable wage while those with the cash pay their fair share.

Democratic control obviously means good things for Massachusetts: Financial Service Committee Chair Barney Frank for one. A return of clout to a 10-member Democratic delegation that has sufficient seniority to end the neglect fostered by a Republican Congress and a string of Republican governors.

It will be interesting to see detailed exit polling -- who voted Democratic and why. And it will be interesting to hear how George Bush (aided by his Turd Blossom) try to spin this. Personally, I'm skeptical of any promise of bipartisanship. Those are among the emptiest of promises W. has made over the years.


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