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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random thoughts

Things to think about while waiting in line to vote:
  • Will anyone ever make Mitt Romney responsible for his language?
The man who has spent the better part of the last two years running around the country, making Massachusetts the butt of his jokes, drops in for a day and proclaims "The untruthful attacks on Massachusetts that Deval Patrick's campaign has put forward over the last three or four months are going to do irreparable harm to this state."

The Mittser blames Patrick's ads: "Millions of dollars in ads have gone out telling our businesses here that this isn't a great place to do business. That's wrong. And that our schools aren't good. That's wrong. These are the kinds of attacks on Massachusetts that I'm afraid are going to have a lasting impact."

I guess he isn't seeing the same ads in South Carolina and Iowa that we are seeing here. And kudos to Patrick for the simplicity of his response: "This is from the same guy that's going around the country using us as his laugh line."
  • They don't like her, the really, really don't like her.
Kerry Healey has spent $12.8 million to finance her negative barrage of ads, of which $9.4 million has come from here -- and $2.2 million in the last two weeks of October.

Patrick, on the other hand, has raised $8.2 million on donations capped at $500 annually. He has spent only $348,000 of his own money, for a total of $8.4 million.

The donations reflect the polling -- a grassroots candidate who has captured the imagination of a large number of voters tired of the rhetoric and mismanagement they have been subjected to by an absentee governor and his second banana.
  • Why remain anonymous while kissing up?

Enterprising Herald reporter Dave Wedge has one of the more classic anonymous quotes.

One GOP observer said a loss by Healey would be viewed largely as a reflection of the uphill battle faced by Republicans in Massachusetts. "She"s run a tough race in a tough environment," the observer said. "She's certainly not damaged goods."

Generally the rule of thumb is you let someone hide in the shadow when they take a swipe at someone (and good journalists refuse to do this.) But someone needs to be pretty self-serving to want to hide behind this big wet kiss. Someone in the Healey "braintrust"?

The race and environment were tough because of her tactics and message. Longtime observers (that dodge means the writer -- me) give Healey "credit" for running an expensive race totally out of step with what voters were looking for from a candidate. Those observers think Healey's political future is toast.

Add this to two losses in a local state rep race and you have a candidate who has underwhelmed at every level. She's likely to join Jane Swift on the board of directors circuit.
  • John Kerry should not entertain any ideas of a second chance.
Daniel Ortega is not the image Kerry should focus on. His comedic talents may yet have an influence on the 2006 election and he joins the other Kerry in the political toast category.


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