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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Talk about a mandate

The view from 30,000 feet is impressive.

Deval Patrick won every major Massachusetts city, including Kerry Healey's hometown of Beverly. He won on the Cape in spite of supporting the Cape Wind project. He won Worcester County and the Merrimack Valley -- key areas for the GOP in their 16-year strangehold on the Corner Office. And of course he won the Happy Valley going away.

Numbers like these are a major tool in Patrick's arsenal as he begins the shift from candidate to governor. They are numbers likely to make Sal DiMasi and Robert Travaglini take notice in moments of disagreement. That and the fact Patrick is looking for ways to keep his grassroots coalition alive.

DiMasi undoubtedly has that same thought in the back of his mind as he maneuvers to adjourn the Consitutional Convention. In this particular case, it means there's now some additional steel behind an idea that surely sprang from his own beliefs.

That's not to say the relationship between the executive and the legistive branches will be smooth. It's not supposed to be. Remember the line is the executive proposes and the legislature disposes.

So now it's on to governing -- and some candor from the state's chief executive. That alone will be refreshing.


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