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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who do you trust?

George Bush says he's back to the "uniter" mode offering an olive branch to Democrats and insisting he can work in a bipartisan fashion. This of course is the same George Bush who last week suggested that Democrats who rejected his Iraq "strategy" were traitors.

The "new" Bush was on display at a press conference where he announced the long, long, long overdue sacking of Donald Rumsfeld. And true to form, Bush lied. The only thing unusual is that he admitted it.

While saying he had been thinking about the decision to replace Rumsfeld with former CIA chief Robert Gates last week, the Prevaricator-in-Chief also acknowledged last week that he told reporters Rumsfeld was staying.

But now, the Decider, said, "Win or lose, Bob Gates was going to become the nominee."

It would be nice to think there could really be bipartisan cooperation that would end the revolting nastiness that has dominated Washington since the GOP took over the House in 1994 (and actually during the first two years of the Clinton presidency.) The track record of the Bush-Rove team suggests otherwise.

Whether it was shading the truth about a controversial personnel move or playing strategic games by insisting he was seeing different polls than reporters (not to mention "minor" details like weapons of mass destruction), the Bush-Rove team plays fast and loose with the truth.

Seeing is believing on bipartisanship. And all the evidence I've seen to date says it's not going to happen.


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