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Friday, November 03, 2006

Wrong Red

The wayward son returned home yesterday to offer words of praise for the Queen of Mean. Meanwhile, the Herald, sensing total defeat, unleashed the ultimate D-bomb. Welcome to the world of governors past!

Bill Weld returned to his former home state (the one he abandoned after he walked away from his job for another one he knew he wasn't going to get). Oh yeah, he also abandoned his run for governor of New York this year after realizing he wasn't going to win.

Anyway, this relentless fighter dropped in to say Kerry Healey was just like him -- a moderate who will stand up against the evil Democrats who will raise our taxes. The Queen of Mean -- silent second banana to the most right-wing governor is state history, dutifully responded.
"I've always been a Weld Republican," Healey said, adding that Weld campaigned for her in 1998, when she ran unsuccessfully for state representative. "I'm a social moderate," she said. "I'm a fiscal conservative. And I would be honored to be called a Weld Republican."
But will Weld make a commercial for her while walking through a darkened garage? Don't really know because he was gone with the wind, leaving the Deval Patrick campaign a chance to utter the line of the day in asking how she will prove her bona fides.
"What will she do next for a gimmick: Jump into the Charles?"
Or move to New York?

Meanwhile, the Herald, the official newspaper of the Healey campaign, continued it's none too subtle advocacy with a front page assault on Patrick as a Dukakoid. Bad enough he favors garage rapists, its time for the folks at Wingo Square to link him directly with Mike Dukakis. No greater insult, apparently.

So there is Deval on Page One, next to a headline that says "Howie: Watch out when Deval says I like Mike." (No need to link to the column and give the Pudgy Preppie the clicks). Suffice it say he runs down the "crimes" of the liberal Dukakis, like tolls and taxes and Willie Horton.

Doesn't seem to say much about walking away from the job any more, not with the example of Weld, Paul Cellucci and Mitt Romney so visible.

It's not the first time Carr tries to tie Dukakis with Patrick and even though they days are dwindling it's a safe bet he may try again. These are desperate times for the GOP stalwarts at Wingo Square. Ginny Buckingham probably discussed those perils with her ex-boss Weld during a visit and will tell us all about it. Probably also on Page One.

Can't wait for Wednesday's front page.


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